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We'd like to introduce ourselves

Our church community is located in Chatham, Ontario. We gather online as well as in person for Sunday Worship. Everyone is invited and welcome to join us on this journey of growing deeper in our faith and love of God and of one another.

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We are a community

Our roots go back to 1989 when we first became a congregation. We are made up of people who live and work in Chatham-Kent and the surrounding area, and span just about every age, stage, and interest. We support one another in our daily lives, and are committed to always making room for new people.

You won't be surprised to learn that we meet every week on Sunday mornings, but we also spend time together throughout the week in smaller groups we call Home Church. In these groups, we dig deeper into Sunday's teaching, and help one another make what we are learning more deep and real.

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We spend a lot of time learning from Jesus

We learn about the things that Jesus talked about, who he hung around, how he lived. We would say that Jesus lived the best life ever. His life revealed to us what God is like, and modelled for us the way we should live. When we focus on him we learn who we were created to be.

The most compelling thing that Jesus taught was an announcement: now that he had arrived, life in the kingdom of God was available to us! God's kingdom is where we find life and healing.

You are being invited to join with us on a journey of discovering the life that God has for each of us. We are all broken, and yet are created to live a life of love, freedom from worry and fear, harmony, purpose, beauty and peace – life with God.

This journey, that lasts your whole life, is well worth your time.


Jesus wants everyone to be with him and is actively puruing and inviting all of us.


Jesus wants everyone to be with him and is actively pursuing and inviting all of us.

Before you even knew who Jesus was, he was trying to get your attention. Everyone, regardless of their past, is invited on this journey because everyone belongs in the kingdom of God.

Belonging means that before you "believe the right things" or consider making any life changes, you are loved. God knows all about you and loves you still. You don’t need to earn or prove anything. Even if you’re just checking Jesus, God, faith and church stuff out, you are welcome and belong. There will always be a place here for you because we believe that belonging runs deep.


Everything we do and love shapes us as people


Everything we do and love shapes us as people.

Whether we realize it or not, what we spend our time on matters. Because of this we urge all who follow along with us to get involved in three rhythms that will help with forming us in the way of Jesus.


Recognizing Jesus as King of our lives and our community, and growing together in unity and love.


Learning to explore and express our faith with a small group of people who become trusted spiritual friends.


Spending time alone with God, learning to recognize and listen to the spirit of Jesus.

By engaging in these rhythms we allow God to shape who we’re becoming. We begin to experience healing and beauty in our own lives. We stop living so much for ourselves and start living more for God’s purposes. The healing we receive slowly transforms us and we begin to experience a new and different kind of life.


God calls us to cooperate with him in his good work of love and healing.


God calls us to cooperate with him in his good work of love and healing.

You might have noticed that we don't run a lot of programs, and the programs we do run are focused on becoming like Jesus. We envision our people participating in the building up of God's kingdom. In our ordinary lives, we can find purpose offering God's love to the world as we interact with the people in our homes, neighbourhoods and workplaces, and while volunteering at organizations that are doing kingdom work in our community.

This kind of participation requires characters that have been shaped to put the needs of others ahead of our own, and it requires available time in our daily schedules. Neither of these happen automatically, and this is why we talk so much about becoming like Jesus and why we don't take up people's time volunteering with programs organized to serve our own people.

We are living life together in God's kingdom.

The reality is, if we take seriously what Jesus teaches we will begin to live differently from the culture around us. It will feel difficult at times and it will take courage and effort. But we are not alone; we are discovering this life together as a community. More importantly, we believe that Jesus’ presence is with us on this journey, bringing us strength and peace as we go.

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Everyone is Welcome

We'd like to invite you

We want the people we meet to be drawn into a relationship with Jesus. We work at making our welcome better and better, so that more people can be introduced to the loving God that we, ourselves, have met.

Join with us by attending a Sunday worship experience, or by emailing the church to speak to someone. If you would like to learn more, get in touch with us today!