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Love, Freedom, Peace

This is what we call life:

Love, harmony, peace, truth, beauty, justice, purpose, joy, and freedom from worry and fear. We believe that we can experience life like this, and that it can be real and lasting.

So why don't we feel alive?

If it's true that we can really live then why don't we? Why does it seem so uncommon to experience real peace in our lives? Why is there so much pain and brokenness? What's the bigger story at work here?

We believe that history has a big story that can be told in three parts:

God creates a good and beautiful world

An all-loving God makes a world that is good and beautiful.

Humans break everything

Humans break everything.

God makes all things new

God works to heal his broken world

And in the end, God renews and restores everything so that it is good and beautiful once again.
This is good news!

This means that life is possible, here and now! God's work of healing and renewal has already begun!

In this big story, we believe that life is found as we open ourselves up to God's healing. If we take it a step further we can join in on God's healing work in the world. In these ways we find even more life. We believe that through this process of opening ourselves to God and participating in God's good work we discover love, harmony, purpose, freedom, beauty and peace.

Discovering life - it's a process
But life is a process rather a destination.

Life is dynamic, not static. So we focus on entering into this big story a little more every day by allowing ourselves to be shaped by new habits. Habits that take the form of community, learning, worship, serving, and solitude. We call these habits or practices "rhythms" because we try to do them regularly.