Rhythms - Discover Life

It's a new way of living. It's living with the freedom and hope that God's great story of healing offers. But living this way isn't automatic, and it doesn't happen without our cooperation.

Rhythms of Life

We have found that spending time with God makes room for this healing to begin. We have also found that doing this on our own is difficult. But joining together as a large community, we have found three central rhythms to be immensely helpful:

Solitude: time alone with God

Solitude: Time alone with God

Time alone with God can be just like spending time with your best friend. You can talk about everything, or you can just be quiet together. It's here that you find connection and relationship. It's this time that builds trust and familiarity.

Small Groups: time with a few others

Small Groups: Time with a few others

Small groups are a weekly gathering of 8 to 15 people who want to be changed by Jesus. Not every person calls themselves a believer, but all are committed to learning and growing. Here we share the struggles and joys of life and encourage one another as we go.

Sunday Worship: time as a large group

Sunday Worship: Time as a large group

Sunday worship is the place where we remind ourselves that we are part of a story much larger than ourselves. We share common teaching, we join our voices together in worship, and we go expecting to meet with God there.

Together is better

These rhythms are what help us to do the things that begin to shape us. And because we are on this journey together we find the strength and support we need to do it. Discovering what it takes to live the good life is an ongoing process and we invite you on this journey with us as we continue to discover life with God.