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We are a church community who is learning what it means to follow Jesus.

Our church community believes that the central message that Jesus taught was his announcement that the Kingdom of God has arrived. This message is at the heart of everything we do; this message is life-changing. As Jesus-followers, we want to become the kinds of people who live a life that demonstrates God's goodness to the world around us. Follow along with us as we learn what it takes to live in God's kingdom — to live life with God.

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Everyone belongs in the kingdom of God and so you are welcomed into our church community.
Home Church

Small Groups

Even during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Home Churches are operating in various safe ways, including video conferences and phone calls. Groups are designed to encourage spiritual growth and discipleship with sermon discussions, spiritual practices, and genuine connection.
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We like to use Facebook to promote sermons, post sharable content, communicate what's coming up, and to invite everyone in the CK community join in with us as we discover life with God. Like and follow us on Facebook, comment on and share our posts!

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Another place we like to use to create community is Instagram. The platform is a vast place for sharing ideas, finding new ones, and interacting with people who have similar interests as you. Follow us on Instagram and interact with the other members of our faith community!

Time alone with God helps us to engage more deeply with Him and become more like Jesus in daily life.

Daily Devotions are short spiritual readings that help to shape how we see God and how we experience daily life. We have saved an archive of past devotionals that our community has created. There are also many other devotional resources available. Send an email to to get in touch with us.

Christian meditation is a form of prayer that encourages contemplation and quietness as we draw closer to Jesus. We maintain an archive of our guided meditations and send out email notifications when new ones are published to the podcast.

The Read Scripture App for IOS and Android is provided, free of charge and ad free, by The Bible Project. Spend quality time reading manageable chunks of the Bible daily while learning how to read it with contextual videos.